Q.  When did you start drawing?

A.  I want to say preschool/kinder? I just remember that my favorite subject in kinder was Art. Growing up, I looked forward to summer breaks because our parents will enroll my siblings and I to art classes.

I have always loved the arts and just creating beautiful works out of different materials. I recall joining several art contests growing up. At one point, I won a card making contest and was featured on a national newspaper. I thought that was pretty cool and a big deal back then lol!

Q. Where does your inspiration come from?

A. From a variety of things like nature, architecture...even furniture, desserts and my kids!

I enjoy anything uplifting, pleasing to the eyes, with beautiful lines.

I'm quite a visual person. Growing up, my sister loves watching musicals and she'll ask me to tag along. She'll be talking about the script and acting while I'm focused on the props and lighting lol.

Q. Did you always know you wanted to be an artist? Or did you have other ideas to be something else?

A. I knew I wanted to be involved with the arts one way or another. I almost took Fine Arts in college but got into Interior Design instead. I eventually ended up finishing Business Administration focusing on Marketing -- I can't get away from the creative side.

Funny how art "found" me again when I decided to stay home with my four kids. It is so invigorating to reconnect with my childhood passion through coloring books.

Q. How much work and time goes into doing a book?

A. A lot. More than what I initially imagined. But time just flies when I'm creating coloring books because it's a lot of fun. Since I still have little ones, I only get to design when they're taking naps or after their bed time. I'll start working on a project and before I know it, it's already wee hours in the morning! It's truly a labor of love. I self publish so there are post-production work and other admin tasks that I have to take care of as well.

Q. Do you ever color any of your images?

A. Yes and I wish I have more free time so I can color more often. I've attempted coloring while holding a napping baby and it was quite challenging. 

I am fortunate though, to have crossed paths with talented colorists like you, who put colorful life into my artwork. I love seeing colorists' interpretation of my work.

Q. Any plans for more books in the future?

A. Oh, yes! I have so many ideas and I'm very excited to add to the Color My Moods series. We might even launch another brand with edgier touch but for now, expect some patterns, inspirational, grayscale, quilts, abstract, coloring journals, travel size coloring books, and more! The next one to be launched this month is a Color My Moods Special Beginners Edition. This is a compilation of the beginners level from all 3 Color My Moods, Mandalas Day and Night series. 

As you know, the concept behind Color My Moods is to have designs neatly laid out into simple, medium and intricate. We also have the designs on both white and black background. The beginners book is a good place to start and when the colorist is ready for more intricate patterns, she can get one of the original Color My Moods.

We want it to be a beginner colorist's must-have book so we're adding bonus pages of simple patterns, inspirational, even grayscale! It's a great sneak peek to what we'll be offering in future books.

We're hoping that beginner colorists or those that have poor vision, arthritis or other health issues will like the variety of designs we have in the Beginner's book. They're simple, yet sophisticated enough for an adult colorist's taste. We're so excited!

The best way to be notified of future projects is to subscribe to our enews or follow us on social media.

And not just books but new coloring pages as well. The MOMMYisms collection would be fun for Mother's Day. These are inspired by Mom's words of wisdom. Visit our Gumroad store and if you leave your email address there, you'll be notified when we upload new designs.

Q.  What has been your personal experience in the adult coloring world as an artist? 

A. It has been a very positive experience so far -- in so many levels. Being able to express myself again through art has been a blessing. 

Meeting supportive fellow artists was an unexpected but a pleasant surprise. I continue to learn and be inspired by them everyday.

But the most remarkable experience I have so far is interacting with colorists especially those who have found joy and comfort in coloring my artwork.

I'm in awe not only of the beautiful colored pages they create but most inspired to learn how coloring has been helping them cope with illnesses. It has been a humbling experience and I'm glad that I'm able to bring happiness to colorists even if it's just in my own little way.

Q.  Anything else you would like to add we haven't covered?

A. I just want to personally thank you and other colorists who have been supporting my work. My special thanks to you for this interview and for being one of the colorists who graced the back cover of Color My Moods Garden Mandalas (Vol.2).

Please continue to keep in touch with us. I have listed all the relevant links below on where you can buy Color My Moods, Day and Night Coloring Books for Adults and where you can find us on social media.

As always, I hope you always have a good MOOD coloring day! 




Color My Moods, Day and Night Garden Mandalas (Volume 2) 


Color My Moods, Day and Night Heart Mandalas (Volume 3) 



  HAPPY BECAUSE ONE OF MY COLORINGS MADE IT ON THE BACK OF HER BOOK.                                                  "Garden Mandalas Volume 2"

HAPPY BECAUSE ONE OF MY COLORINGS MADE IT ON THE BACK OF HER BOOK.                                                  "Garden Mandalas Volume 2"









   Credits to: Volume 1 - Star:  Melesa Eldridge, Black: Linda Braubitz, Blue/purple: Dawn Hicks

Credits to: Volume 1 - Star:  Melesa Eldridge, Black: Linda Braubitz, Blue/purple: Dawn Hicks

   Credit to: Volume 2 - Rainbow flower: Nikki Davis, Black: Delanie Castillo,  "Metallic" green/blue/brown: Brenda Derksen

Credit to: Volume 2 - Rainbow flower: Nikki Davis, Black: Delanie Castillo,  "Metallic" green/blue/brown: Brenda Derksen

  Credit to:  Volume 3-  Pastel:  Melanie Schurgers, Black: Rebecca Vessels,  Vibrant:  Ashley Pickin

Credit to: Volume 3-  Pastel:  Melanie Schurgers, Black: Rebecca Vessels,  Vibrant:  Ashley Pickin

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