Q. When did you start drawing?


It just happened one day out of the blue! I’d never been artistic, in any sense of the word. I never even doodled well…I mostly drew just lines and scribbles on a legal pad while in court or on the phone. In 2000, when I began sitting in on private readings and next to Dennis during our Message Circles, we discovered our twin soul energy was working together.  I began doodling and scribbling on the pad…most of which looked like chicken scratches. Then, during a Message Circle in 2001, my doodles began to take on a new form. For some reason, I’d taken a small sketchbook with me that night, and began my usual doodling. Dennis looked down and said, “It looks as though you’re channeling your father’s art.” I’d drawn a picture that looked eerily like the artwork my father had drawn ever since I can remember. 

The image used on the cover of Imagery From Beyond Book 1 comes from one of my first drawings. It’s my favorite design because it is as close to my father’s art as I have ever drawn. I see a woman’s face in the center, and a heart that appears to be her bodice. If you look closely, a spirit figure can be seen right above and as part of the woman’s face. This picture reminds me of the Queen of Hearts in Alice’s Wonderland. I know my father was with me as this picture was being drawn, and it was his special good-bye to me, his own “Alice in Wonderland”.

This image has been used as our logo ever since, so naturally it was our first choice to use as the cover for our coloring book series. The original was drawn using only a brown gel pen. 

Q. Any plans for more books in the future???

A. Absolutely!!  Designs for Books 3 and 4 are already in my folders, and Dennis will be creating grayscale books featuring our photo art from 20 years of traveling across the U.S.   All our books will be published under the name of “Imagery From Beyond, a Messages From Beyond Coloring Book Series”.  The grayscale books will be called “Grayscale Edition” and whatever theme the photos represent.  

Q. What has been your personal experience in the adult coloring world as a artist? 

A. It’s been an amazing adventure and experience to realize how many wonderful people are coloring for so many reasons.  My greatest pleasure is seeing the way my designs are chosen and the feelings they bring out in the colorists who color and share online. I love interacting with the colorists, and my “fans” who reach out to me.  I’ve become friends with several who have touched my heart…such as you, Jennifer, and my entire coloring team.  I feel like a “mom” to each of you, and love to create pages for you to color that mean something special to you.  When you asked me to create a semicolon design, it meant so much to me so see it bring you joy and to see it colored by so many.

Q. Where does your inspiration come from? 

A. When I sit and relax, the drawing simply “happens”.  My art is a form of “automatic drawing”, and all designs come from a source “beyond” my expertise or ability.  I never use anything real or already in existence to create my designs.  I never trace, and do not draw on the computer.  All my designs are hand-drawn originals without any initial “pencil drawing”.  What you see is what you get!  Each is a unique original that can not be repeated by me or anyone else.

Q. Did you always know you wanted to be an artist? Or did you have other ideas to be something else???

A. I never dreamed of being an artist, because I never thought I could draw. Seriously, the only thing I ever drew was a happy face, and I did that poorly.  I always wanted to be a lawyer, and finally went to law school at the age of 33, when I was a divorced mom raising my 8-year-old son. I was determined to succeed, and I did.  I practiced family law until the stress took its toll and I realized life was too short to spend it dealing with other people’s problems.  I met Dennis in 1996, and our lives took off in a fun adventurous direction!

Q. How much work and time goes into doing a book?

A. Imagery From Beyond Book 1 was published in December of 2015, about 4 months after we decided to put my art into coloring book format.  Book 2 was published 4 months after Book 1.  I do the designs in 2 parts:  the center image and the tangled border are drawn separately, and we put them together after they are all scanned into the computer.  We allow the Universe to select the proper combination, and it’s worked quite well for us. All I do is the drawing, and text within the book…Dennis does all the design work for the cover and page order for publication.

Q. Do you ever color any of your images? 

A. When I create my “Art by Ali” designs for readings, I color as they are being drawn.  I use all Sharpies for those designs.  I’ve attempted to color the pages from my coloring books, but I’m not as good as the colorists!  I do like the fact that all my designs are abstract, so there is no right or wrong way to color…I just allow the colors to choose themselves and see what happens!  If I try to force a color scheme, it never works for me.

Q.  Anything else you would like to add we haven't covered??? Nothing is off limits

A. It’s been a wonderful experience meeting and getting to know other artists in addition to the colorists.  In spite of this being a competitive field of coloring books, I’ve made some very good friends in the artists groups, and we enjoy buying each other books and sharing the colored pages online!  I’m learning how to relax and just color and actually am enjoying it!! I’ve made friends with artists and colorists all over the world, and it’s been an amazing journey these past 9 months!